Partnership Opportunities

Unleashing the power to create solid business partnerships.

The network you are creating is AWESOME!

- Benji A.

eGiftery is looking for Resellers who want to help their clients gain exposure and support their marketing efforts.

Add eGiftery to your mix and enhance your business offering to include ground-breaking technology that gives you an edge over your competitors. It benefits your clients by simplifying their marketing while driving bottom-line revenue as they attract, grow, and retain customers automatically. It's a great way for you to help your existing clients and extend the value you provide.

You'll find all the resources and support you need to make adding eGiftery to your mix seamless while being able to offer your clients or colleagues a valuable service. Commissions earned are paid out monthly and are set up like an annuity, where your profits compound month over month, giving you unlimited earning potential.

Seamlessly add eGiftey to your list of services, expand your technology offerings, and provide results driven automated marketing to your clients today!

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The network you are creating is AWESOME!

- Benji A.

Get paid for referrals that turn into subscriptions when you are part of the Affiliate Referral Program.

Share eGiftery with your colleagues or other businesses at networking events and build lasting relationships by helping others get more from their marketing efforts.

What's in it for you?

Earn commission on all sales.

30 day referral period

Be part of an innovative way to support local communities

Must be enrolled in our Affiliate Referral Program

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So easy to use, it's amazing what this simple tool can do!

If you are a people person with a burning desire to help local communities thrive, we would love to talk with you!

eGiftery is an automated marketing service created to help local businesses attract, grow and retain customers without a lot of effort or expense. It's unique because it has a hyper-local focus that helps businesses and the community at the same time.

So if you like technology, want to be able to determine your own work week and earning potential, contact us today!

We are committed to your success and will work with you. We will provide all the tools and support you need to achieve success.

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Orlin's Story

How eGiftery Works

The Consumer Experience

Partnership Opportunities

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Our advantages

Unlike regular email programs, eGiftery gives our subscribers the powerful perpetual reach. Their customers come back time and again because the deals are relevant and accessible to them. eGiftery subscribers have unprecedented power to not only stay top of mind but also continually grow their reach.

Simple and Effective

eGiftery is a proprietary cloud-based application. Meaning, the combination of direct, mobile, personalized, pull and permission-based marketing techniques are incorporated to ensure the most effective results for our subscribers.

Our Engagement

The average open rate on regular email services is 22%, eGiftery provides our subscribers with an average open rate of 44%. In addtion, the industry average click rate (effective rate) is 13%, eGiftery again provides averages above 29%. eGiftery was built to be more than just another email program, it was built to be a holistic marketing beast.

The Win-Win

As an eGiftery partner, the subscribers you bring on will love you for helping them save time and money on their marketing efforts while enjoying the benefits of growing their brand effortlessly. That means compounding revenue for our partners and a win-win for everyone.

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