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“If I don’t know about you, I can’t come” - Missed Customer

Imagine being able to get your business introduced to customers when they are making buying decisions. The impact to sway a purchase can be the difference in getting the business.

Get the Right Exposure for Your Business

Registering your business on eGiftery ensures you are in front of customers when they are ready to buy!

It’s More Than Just Advertising


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Send your custom branded eGiftery to show appreciation and stay top-of-mind


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Direct, personal introductions to new customers just by posting your Gifts.

Lead Generation

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Easiest lead generation program. Watch as your list of leads automatically grow.

Multi-Channel Digital

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Simple 3-step registration to get started.

Digital Marketing is the key to your business success

Digital advertising in the US is forecast to generate more than 100 Billion in US dollars by 2020.

Digital is forecast to become the main media for advertisers in the U.S by 2017,accounting for 37 percent of all advertising spending in the country.

Mobile coupon usage will surpass 1 billion users by the year 2019.

Digital Marketing is Critical for Your Business

Get introduced to new customers and stay-top-of-mind when buying decisions are being made.

Promote your business instantly

Promote based on your specific needs and business objectives.

Post offers in seconds, not hours, weeks or days, while being able to generate new leads and loyalty.

Available 24/7 on All Mobile Devices



Automatically get in front of new customers.

Your Custom Branded eGiftery Highlights Your Business


Personal Referrals

Get a personal referral when your eGiftery is shared with your customers’ friends and family.

Engage Customers When They Are Ready to Buy



Engage existing customers even when they aren’t doing business with you. We all see how everyone engages with their cells phone & mobile devices.
“Consumers have more power than ever before, thanks to social media, easy on-line comparison-shopping, and a proliferation of choices.” Inc 2013

Drive Sales & Customer Acquistion


Close the Deal

“The digital coupon continues to reign in the world of promotions, having a range of positive effects on loyalty and sales, and driving new customers to brands. With more of these digital coupons being redeemed on mobile phones in-store, it creates even more urgency for retailers to master a seamless omni-channel strategy to retain their loyalty.”  RetailDive 2014

What Our Clients Say

"It's something they will remember you for! It's nice and it's simple."

Ben Nelson, Insurance Agent

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Farmers Insurance

"What I like about it is they [my client] can choose...what's right for them, when it's right for them!"

Mary Jo Quay, Realtor

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ReMax Advisors

"Great opportunity - we are excited about connecting with potential bank clients!"

Scott Swenson, Market President

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Home Federal Savings Bank

“Nearly 80% of consumers agreed that digital coupons can close the deal on undecided purchases.” -RetailDive